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Thinking To Buy Frozen Catfish? Here’s What To Be Aware Of

Posted by Admin on March, 20, 2021

The most ideal option for sustainably sourced and safe seafood for a chef is frozen fish. Thanks to the era of revolution, almost all types of fish starting from catfish to prawns can be processed and frozen at their optimal freshness. However, before choosing a frozen catfish supplier in India it is worth taking into account if the frozen fish was handled with care all through the freezing process to your serving plate. You must also research how and from where it was perused and at what state was it frozen.

Choosing the perfect frozen fish need not be challenging anymore when we have the best expert’s approved tips for you.

Rely on Trustworthy Wholesale Suppliers

While most of the wholesale suppliers boast supreme-quality frozen fishes. Only a few of the sellers live to their promises. Put in some efforts and spare some time to check through the reputation of the suppliers. When choosing a frozen catfish wholesale supplier in India, ensure to conduct a little research on the methods they use to catch fishes from the sea. Also check with their storage process and their way of transporting them. A reputable supplier will always vouch for their product quality, shelf-life, and freshness.

Ask for Catfishes with Solid Flesh

The purest and the most sought-after options in frozen catfishes are the ones that flaunt solid flesh. Solid flesh catfishes upon being pressed, bounce back instantly. In case the flesh doesn’t bounce back even after being pressed, the fish is not fresh. When buying the frozen fish also see if its flesh is adhering to bones firmly. In case the flesh falls off the bones, ask for another fish.

Consider Using Your Nose to Test the Freshness

While you might look hilarious when taking a sniff from the fish, it will ultimately be worth all the odd-stares considering how the fish's smell determines its freshness. In case you are getting an odd smell from the fish, chances are the fish isn’t safe to consume. Gross smelling fishes aren’t fresh at all.

See If the Fish Was Preserved on Ice

Irrespective of whether you were investing in a frozen catfish or not, make sure that the fish was preserved on ice. Take a close look at the fish cases and seek details from your frozen catfish supplier in India regarding how it was stored. In case you find the ice to be placed just beneath the fish, consider yourself lucky because chances are that the fish is 100% fresh.

Check the Eyes of the Catfish

The catfish that oozes with freshness will have big-round and transparent eyes. If you find the eyes to be bizarre-looking, then you might not want to put them up for consideration at any cost. Grab the fish and add it to your cart if you see the fish eyes to be bright like they were recently caught.

These tips and hacks shared by the experts are worth adhering to if you wish to grab the best-frozen catfish in the market. Never shy away from conducting your quality check on the fish before adding them to your cart. Ask as many questions as you want to the suppliers to be sure of the fish that you would be consumed soon.

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